An ever-expanding lists of websites I deem important to share.

3dgifmaker: A website with animations for gifs, like spinning, rotating, cubes, etc.
textanim: Glitter text.
bloggif: Glitter text part 2. This is the one I use for my website the most because it has the most amount of glitter, customisation and font options.
Online Image Editor: I used to use this all the time as a kid. You can add glitter fills as well as anything any other image editor can do.
Gifcities: The biggest godsend ever. It has a huge library of many gifs from the 90s and early 2000s, as well as links to the Geocities' that it got them from (if you need inspiration!; or just want to view the old internet). It's a browser game where you can drive infinitely. Wow, now I can finally drive without a licence! My ability to drive in it really shows why I don't have one though (if you find water in the game you should try to drive into it).

Memrise: Word (or phrased) repition based system, like digital flashcards. Can be used for beyond languages.
Clozemaster: Website for intermediate level learning, kind of like Duolingo but also not really (I need to use it more to find out).
LanguageTransfer: Improves listening comphrension.
Babbel: Like Duolingo, but expensive and better.
Duolingo: The beloved bird. Only really meant for beginner stuff. I'd only use it to get a grasp of the language at first and then treat it as a side thing; trust me, your comphrension skyrockets when you use a more effective application. There is a reason it is last.
Duome: An aid to Duolingo.