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09 June, 2023: Updated some of the homepage, only tad details like the favicon, rotated the two main sections, and border gradients. Looks better. Also, not really update related but holy shit. I have 4,000 updates. I guess most other people work in notepad and then transfer it but I don't like doing that. And I save every 5 seconds; it was just 3,800 a few days ago. Maybe I shouldn't be embarrassed or anything and see how many updates I can rack up. LOL.

06 June, 2023: Okay, I officially was able to bullshit my way through Javascript without knowing a lick of it to code the "random" feature. There's no alternative themes as of writing this, as I am currently updating the main page itself. Unfortunately I cannot bullshit my way through the poll so I am going to have to learn it now (not that I'm complaining).

31 May 2023: About me finished and also responsiveness as well , love being mobile friendly (the painstaken part of it is over).

28 May 2023: I'm back. Jesus this has taken a long time! Oopsie daisy! Part of the homepage was changed to something way cooler! Spanish has been added as well.

26 August 2022: Homepage responsiveness added on phones, tablets and smaller desktops.

26 August 2022: Homepage CSS finished!

7 July 2022: About me HTML added.

6 July 2022: Homepage HTML added.

This section is W.I.P!

Wouldn't it be cool if Ringo knew Javascript?



Hey wassup, did you know? In Spanish, "problema" is masculine dispite ending in with -a, so one should say "el problema". It makes it one of the most common grammatical errors in Spanish to say "la problema". Why is this? It is because, in both ancient and modern Greek, "πρόβλημα" (próblema) is neuter, rather than feminine. In ancient and modern Greek, words that in -μα are neuter. Therefore, in Spanish, instead of it being an -a ending, it is a -ma ending. This happens with words like el drama (το Δράμα), el tema (το θέμα) and el clima (το κλίμα) too.

Another interesting fact is that modern Latin-based European languages have shaped Greek despite deriving indirectly from Greek themselves. This seems like it would be a given but it shows the interesting evolution of languages. For example, in French, "pink" is "rose". This also comes from the Latin word "rosa". Modern Greek has taken "ros" into its language, which is "ροζ" (roz). In ancient Greece, they didn't have a word for pink and rather considered it a shade of red. Red was "ἐρυθρός" (erythrós, κόκκινο in modern), though this referred to a darker shade, and pink would have been said ῥοδόεις (rhodóeis), a lighter and paler shade.

Updated weekly. History.

Some real and 100% genuine questions frequently asked to me.

Q1) Why are you taking so long on your website?

A1) I'm not working on my website because I have been having massive amounts of sex. So much sex infact that I am completely occupied for the rest of the night. I don't want to waste my time coding when I could be enjoying my time having sex with beautiful women instead. So basically that's why I've been taking forever to code, probably will be like this forever, because I get so many bitches. So dont be disappointed if you don't see an update because I'm probably having sex, and I'll be too busy to do any coding. If you guys need me to code this thing, I won't be able to check immediately thought because I'll be having sex.

Q2) How do you get so many bitches?

A2) Simple. My sheer aura brings in all sorts of bitches. I don't even have to lift a finger, and a bunch of women and men surround me, and a cocktail appears out of thin air in my hands. Hands off, though, ladies, I'm for the other team. I'm just an alpha male, you know? If you want more of my advice you totally have to pay for my alpha male services at 1mil$ (previously 2mil$, 50% off) a month.

Q3) Why?

A3) Really intriuging question. Why anything? Why wake up and go to work when you can actually just not? I mean, money's just a social construct right? Abolish capitalism, abolish all of the economy and abolish your clothes - you won't be needing those. Simply go outside in a deep forest and make one with nature. The bush that just became your shitting area is also now your house. Unless you get crafty with some wood you can have a wood mansion. Though, don't flex, because that'll start the whole capitalistic process all over again. Who really cares though, because just why? Just don't do anything, unless you want to. Really, because why not, you're your own universe and you make your own rules. It's always possible to outrun the law especially if there is no law. Life is life and don't let the black and white societal confinements get to you. If we take this back to more realistic measures, be your own rainbow in the storm and think outside of all of the boxes, because why be here just to confine to something so mudane and boring? Don't waste your breath doing things you hate. Don't get inside a loop. That's all.

Q4) What's the "██████ ███ █████" event that happened with SCP-████ at Site 17?


Q5) What's typology?

A5) Let's not. Never think about that again, unless you want to completely lose all sense of personality.

Q6) Why do you like the past?

A6) It's not just the past, it's also the future and present. But for the past, it is interesting because we were never apart it. You can really only see the glitz and glamour of it, as they are really only described with main events. Actually living through time periods is different because you have your own personal perspective in them and experience all of the tinier events that don't matter in the telling of history. The "traditional old ways" that they went through seem "cozy" in a way compared to what we have now, for example vintage cameras like polaroids or something more extreme like racists things that don't seem racist to people from the past. Its also interesting to reflect on history and what led to current day, and you can learn greatly from it. Culture as well, mostly with the 20th century. Though you would never want to really go back in history unless your values were outdated. Just out of sheer interest too.

Q7) What styles do you like?

A7) Goth, emo and scene are what styles I am more into wearing and being in their subcultures. I like all of the alternative styles and vintage clothes as well (50s & 60s especially). I'm not sure, I like really a lot of styles so its hard to pinpoint them all exactly.

Q8) What do you want your future profession to be?

A8) Preferably famous, in some sort of art industry. I don't really wanna be famous via Youtube or social media. If I can't be famous then I wanna still do something in art or law.

Q9) Something that gets on your nerves?

A9) Close-minded people. They make me see red. Something more minor, when something doesn't load or is taking too long.

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